Introduction to Tantalum Capacitors

The full name of Tantalum Capacitors is tantalum electrolytic capacitors, which are also a type of electrolytic capacitor.

What are the Types and Dielectric of Ceramic Capacitors?

component in electronic devices. The total number of ceramic dielectric capacitors now accounts for about 70% of the capacitor market.

How Nvidia Became a Chip Industry Giant

employees developing chips for future artificial intelligence supercomputers, Nvidia is still the leader in this field.

Gartner: Hysis Revenue Plunges 81%, Samsung Holds on to Semiconductor Leadership

Demand continues to be strong in an era of work at home brought on by the global pandemic

Selection and Optimization of Peripheral Components for DC-DC Boost Regulator

ground nodes should be close to the IC power ground pins, and power, signal, and thermal pads should all be connected at a single low-impedance ground point.
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